Sunday, September 7, 2008

fashion week: day three

It was a typical fashion show for Rock and Republic 's spring fashion show, but that doesnt mean I didnt love it. It was a wonderful mix of grunge with a bit of ruffles here and there. Plus, an essential pair of worn jeans (middle photo) and then some wonderful shapes with the dresses. Like in the first and last photo.

This show was about pops of color with essential spring looks. In many looks there were oversized berets, some with embellishments some without, but i absolutely loved them and will be investing in one for spring. I liked how in look two (above) there was a floor-length dress with a slit all the way up to her waist, but paired with shorts underneath. I thought this was very innovative to do this. Also, in the last outfit, i loved the ombre skirt with the small sweater. How wonderful.

It was a wonderful blend of shapes and symmetry in this show, but they switched it up a bit with Alice and Wonderful style dresses (look two). They also showed a display of colorful tights (look one) and paired tights with sandals, which you would think wouldn't look normal, but here it was wonderful. I loved the last look, with so many additions and symmetry that went together perfectly.


sophie said...


Sienna said...

Adam is great. I have a few of his pieces from last year and love them.

Julia said...

honestly it's easier to say you love fashion week if you've never had to shoot or work for fashion week. i think i might hate it after this/have a new found respect for all of the photographers in the pit with me.

Gotapparel said...

Adam doing great job.

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